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is a family owned and operated pest control provider based out of southern california. Our ownership team has more than 40 years of combined experience in both commercial and residential pest control services, including working with a wide variety of different tools, products, and pest situations. From small problems to large issues, we have never come across something we can’t handle. Plus, we focus heavily on customer service, including treating every job the way it should be treated: with the care and focus of working on the property of a friend or neighbor.


In 1992 Iberplagas was born in Seville Spain, a company designed to provide services of Integral Control and Maintenance of pest control for the World Exposition in Seville Spain. It is there where Edgar Chacon Montes is recruited from Costa Rica to join the team of professionals that will be part of Iberplagas technicians for the next 7 years, receiving the preparation and absorbing the quality, professionalism and excellence of the European service.

Mr. Chacon returns to Costa Rica where he tries to open Iberplagas Costa Rica but in that period he is invited to the United States to a Pest Control project in Green Pest Control. There in Los Angeles California he establishes himself for 10 years in this service sector until he joins with his partner Eddy Lopez and together they form a company of Integral Maintenance in Pest Control forming what today is PesPro. 


In 2020 in the middle of a terrible pandemic and after almost 30 years of experience in the Pest Control sector Edgar Chacon Montes and Eddy Lopez made the decision to return to Costa Rica to establish a professional pest control company and have an international branch of PesPro in San Jose Costa Rica with all the technical and professional support from the United States.

Our Vision

to be recognized as the most trusted pest control company in the country that provides outstanding pest control services through alternative solutions utilizing scientific strategies, employing ecological principles with environmental preservation and human safety in mind

Our Mission

We believe that all human beings deserve to live in a pest-free environment, and our commitment is to create a pest-free world, one treatment at a time.

Our commitment

a. Determine and understand, and consistently meet the requirements and expectations of our customers:

b. Comply with all applicable legal requirements of the California and the initiatives of the industry to which we subscribe:

c. Provide our people with the opportunities to enhance their competence and skills, thereby maintaining a motivated, competent and reliable workforce;

d. Establish and review quality objectives aimed at continually improving the efficiency and reliability of our services;

e. Promote quality awareness at all functions and levels within company and among our business associates; and 

f. Review our QMS regularly to continually improve its effectiveness as well as ensure its continuing suitability.

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