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Fleas FAQ's

Fleas are ectoparasitic insects, meaning they live on the outside of a host animal. They feed on the blood of mammals and birds.

A flea is a type of insect that feeds on the blood of warm-blooded creatures. Most are dark reddish-brown in color and about 1.5 to 3.3 mm long. They have no wings, so they move by jumping from place to place.

Fleas can live on both household pets and wild animals. Fleas most often infest mammals.

You may be tempted to try to take care of fleas on your own, but they are difficult. They are hard to find and once they get on clothing, furniture, other pets and your family, special methods are needed to eliminate them, as it is nearly impossible without pesticide treatment.

If you have a four-legged furry animal in your home, check the hind legs, head or neck if you think it may have fleas. These are the places where fleas usually hide.

Fleas prefer to live on your dog or cat, but they can also be on other animals or on you. If the population grows, fleas can spread and start living on carpets, bedding or in your yard.

Even if you don’t have a pet, fleas could come from your yard or someone else’s animal. These insects prefer tall grass and shady areas near porches, woodpiles or storage tanks.

Just as pet owners should treat their homes if they become infested, getting rid of an outdoor flea infestation may require you to treat your yard.

If you find that you have small red bites after a day in your yard, consult a pest control expert.

Flea bites cause several common symptoms. They are very itchy and the skin around each bite may become irritated and sore. You may experience hives or develop a rash near the site of the bite.

Scratching a lot can further damage the skin and may cause a bacterial infection in the area of the bite.

Monitor bites for signs of an infection, including white blisters or a rash.

For humans, the risk of getting a disease from fleas is very small. However, bites could be the entry of bacteria into your body and cause an infection, especially if you scratch. An infected bite will be red, warm to the touch and may release pus.

Flea bites can also cause an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to flea bites. Symptoms can range from raised bumps on the skin to difficulty breathing.

Flea bites can also cause complications in pets, such as allergic reactions and even anemia due to blood loss. This is why it is important to take pets to a veterinarian if they have fleas.

In general, fleas and ticks proliferate with the heat, in the spring and summer months, tending to decrease in the fall and winter.

  1. Vacuum your house: Throw away the bag or dump the contents of the vacuum cleaner outside the house.
  2. Wash or replace bedding (yours and your pet’s) with hot water (60°C ) and dry it at the highest temperature can help kill fleas.
    Get rid of fleas on pets: Consult your veterinarian for advice on whether you can use topical or oral medications for your type of pet. You can get many treatments without a prescription, while others must be prescribed by your veterinarian.
  3. Clean and treat indoor and outdoor areas where pets rest.
  4. Wash the floor of your home: with water and disinfect bleach to kill possible eggs and larvae. Avoid having your dog nearby, as it could be poisoned.
  5. A pest control company can help you determine the best course of action when it comes to pesticides.

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There are approximately 2,000 species and subspecies of this insect. Fleas are probably most commonly associated with dogs, cats and other pets. However, fleas are a bigger problem than just for pets. Fleas can be transmitted to humans quite easily and bite for blood. Among the most common are:


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