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Carpenter Bees FAQ's

There are several species of carpenter bees in the United States, but one of the largest bees in the country, and the one that causes the most damage, is the 1-inch-long eastern carpenter bee.

Carpenter bees look a lot like bumblebees and are one of the most common wood-damaging insects in the United States. In their natural environment, they often make tunnel galleries to nest in old trees. However, in populated areas, they lodge in the wood of homes and other structures. These extensive nesting chambers can weaken the wood and threaten the structural integrity of their home. Carpenter bee populations are especially high in the eastern United States where damage to homes is abundant.

  • Carpenter bees can be distinguished by their glossy black abdomen and only have hair on their heads.
  • Western carpenter bees are completely black.
  • Their flight pattern is helicopter or “hovering”.
  • Adults are 1/2 to 1 inch (12.5 to 25 mm) long and robust.
  • The adult female carpenter bee will use her chewing mouthparts to make holes in the wood (about the diameter of a dime) where she will turn toward the grain and create a chamber about 5-8 inches long in which to deposit her eggs.
  • They form a pile of sawdust on the ground underneath a perfectly round 1/2-inch (1.27 cm) hole.
  • The wood behind the hole may be stained with droppings.
  • The bees dig a tunnel about 1 inch (2.54 cm) deep and then the excavation branches off creating a series of side tunnels extending for several feet.
  • Over the years, new generations enlarge the existing tunnels and cause extensive damage hidden within the wood.

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