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Ant FAQ's

Ants are highly social creatures – seeing one ant likely means more are nearby. And killing some ants won’t take care of the problem. Effective ant control often requires finding and treating the colony.

Pests must be controlled because they affect the health and welfare of all the inhabitants of the surrounding area directly or indirectly, as they attract many diseases and can even cause significant material damage, thus incurring costs that are generated and to avoid all this, the right thing to do is to perform disinfection.

Our treatment options vary depending on the severity of the ant problem and the species of ants involved. Ant control requires an integrated pest management approach, utilizing several strategies to achieve the goal of completely eliminating ants. Your American Pest technician will conduct an inspection of your property to locate the ant nest(s) as well as recommend changes you can make to reduce ant-conducive conditions in and around your home. (cleaning gutters, fixing window screens and repairing plumbing issues, etc.)Treatment options include exterior sprays and gel or granular baits.  

The most common species of ants trying to enter homes and businesses in the Maryland, DC and NOVA area include Carpenter ants, Odorous House Ants, Pavement Ants and Pharoah Ants. Other ant species of note for this region include Allegheny Mound Ants and Little Black Ants.

Most ants in our region do not bite or sting. Certain species do bite, like Carpenter ants or Fire ants, which can be found in Maryland. Carpenter ants are likely to be found nesting in or near your residence, but Fire ants generally do not try to come indoors and will only attack if their colony is disturbed.

Flying ants are the only ants that are able to reproduce and the swarms you see every year are the only chances ants have to mate before pairing off to form colonies with the inevitable offspring. If the swarms are too close for comfort, you can vacuum up the insects and dispose of the vacuum bag promptly. (Keep in mind that flying ants are a sign of a colony nesting nearby!)

It is not uncommon when utilizing non-repellant baits for ants to see a sudden, sometimes seemingly drastic increase in the volume of ants within days of the initial treatment. Non-repellant bait materials are targeted towards interior ant infestations and are especially effective in getting rid of ant colonies. When non-repellant baits are used, the worker ants transport the active ingredient back to the colony where it is fed to other members, including juvenile ants. It is important during the initial treatment phase to allow these ants to feed on the bait material in every effort to control colony development.

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Ants continue to be one of the most common insects for which homeowners seek services from pest management professionals (PMPs). In PMP’s recent NPMA survey, carpenter ants, odorous house ants and paver ants were the three most commonly cited as structural and nuisance pest ants. However, the list is much longer for ants that affect homeowners and businesses across the country.


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Ants are relentless, but we give you the solution. We have the expertise to stop ants and other pests, and our solutions adapt to seasonal pest activity to give you year-round protection.

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At PesPro, we recognize the important role of pest control in ensuring that pharmaceutical manufacturers can exceed the most stringent regulatory requirements for the manufacture of their products.

Meridiana has developed the preventive pest management service to provide the highest level of peace of mind that pharmaceutical products will not be exposed to contamination risks and provide the information to demonstrate full compliance with regulatory standards.


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The principle is to create one or more protective barriers to minimize the risks of pests approaching clean areas. These barriers are regularly inspected to maintain their impenetrability and ensure complete protection.

Our specialist service technicians and biologists will work with you in the field to define effective defenses and advise you on work practices and procedures to reduce the risk of a pest entering the facility or becoming a problem.

With each ongoing visit, we’ll treat outside your home, fortifying the perimeter. And if you request, we’ll treat inside your home again.

We have a rapid response to any signs of pest activity, as well as pest control and elimination, ensuring that the source of the pest is identified in order to prevent future infestations.